Nabo is the social network for your suburb connecting neighbours in over 8,700 communities across Australia.

6 Reasons Why Nabo Can Help When Other Social Channels Can’t

Nabo is all about helping you connect with the people, events and goings-on right where you live. As Australia’s first private social network, it’s got a lot to offer – and while Facebook is great for keeping up with your friends across Australia or overseas, Nabo is where you can meet and make friends with your neighbours, get truly local recommendations and even get help finding a lost pet.

As one Nabo member told us in a recent survey, “It is localised to my area and is so easy to use and find information. I like the feeling of being connected.”


Your suburb hub on Nabo is focused on your neighbourhood. Everything you see in your feed is relevant to where you live. And Nabo exists in every neighbourhood, by design – so everyone, right across Australia, has a suburb hub.

This means if you want to buy something near you, the “For sale” or “Free to a good home” posts you see will all be local – no long drive to pick up that lovely vintage dining table! Likewise, if you are selling, the buyer won’t be doing a no-show because they’ve decided they can’t be bothered going that far! Local business offers are just that. And the events and groups listed on your suburb hub page are all nearby, too.


Facebook decides what to prioritise in your feed, but on Nabo everything appears in your feed. You can then choose to narrow the posts in your feed by topic – say, if you are just interested in Lost & Found or Crime & Safety in your area, or items that are being given away for free. As one member told Nabo, “I like that you can sort posts by type or topic. That’s an advantage over a Facebook community page.”

And to make sure you don’t miss out on knowing the things that matter to you, you can choose how – and how often – Nabo lets you know about what happening. You can receive notifications via email, on the website or via Nabo’s app. You can set your preferences by clicking on the arrow near your profile picture and selecting Settings from the drop-down menu. As well as email and notifications settings, you can also choose whether you want to receive SMS alerts from the police, SES or local council about emergencies.


Nabo is all about helping each other. One member said during a recent survey that what they love about Nabo is connection and information “without compromising personal information or privacy”.

Nabo asks members to verify their address – so if you talk to someone in your area on Nabo, you know they really are who they say they are, and that Nabo has confirmed they live where they say they live. On Facebook, you could be dealing with someone who has set up a fake profile; on Nabo, you can feel secure knowing you are talking to your neighbours.

You can read more about address verification here and about privacy on Nabo here.

Other members have told Nabo how much they love the friendly community spirit and the lack of trolling and arguments that can sometimes plague other social media channels: “We could all voice our thoughts either way without any nasty comments being made or any big arguments,” said one. 

And unlike some other social media channels, Nabo doesn’t share your personal information with advertisers.


You can choose whether to see posts that relate only to your suburb, or posts about nearby suburbs, by choosing from the drop-down menu near the top of your suburb hub feed:


“It's like having friends at your door,” is how one member describes the connections they’ve made since joining. Connecting with people is the number one reason people join Nabo (more than 40% of you say that’s the biggest motivator, followed by finding out about what’s happening in your ‘hood), and we love hearing how people have used Nabo to meet new people and find friends to do things with. Members have set up walking groups and mothers’ groups, arranged regular coffee catch-ups and started book clubs. “Nabo has helped me start getting out and meeting new neighbours I would never otherwise have met,” said one member, who started a walking group in her area.

“I have connected to a fitness class because one of the ladies was saying how good it was and I didn’t even know it was on,” said another, after discovering a class was being held just down the road from where she lives.

“Best thing I ever did!” said another member about arranging a coffee catch-up with people from Nabo. “It was just lovely to share stories, exchange ideas and arrange to meet regularly in different cafes in the local area… I have made new friends!”

Some find new friends online, using Nabo’s Groups section, chatting and swapping advice on topics from photography to parenting or gardening. Others set up groups to discuss a particular local issue.

You can find the groups that are already set up in your area by scrolling down on the left-hand side of your suburb hub page to the Local Groups section, then clicking See all:

If you’re interested in setting up a group, Nabo explains how to do that, and answers other questions about groups here.


If you lose your dog or cat, your online friends can give you sympathy but your neighbours can help you find it. If you want recommendations for a local business, the Nabo members in your area can tell you who they have used and loved. The help you get on Nabo is truly local, which means it’s quick, reliable and can save you a lot of time and worry.

If you haven’t posted on Nabo before, you can follow this easy “How Do I make a post?” guide.

When you create your post, you can choose which suburbs in your area you’d like your post shared with:

You also choose which category your post belongs in – for example, if you are looking for Recommendations, posting about Crime & Safety, or wanting to buy or sell an item or offer it as Free to Good Home.

Creating a post is easy, and Nabo’s category and suburb options mean your post will be shown to the people you want to reach.


Have you explored all of the ways Nabo can work for you? Our local focus, and the level of privacy Nabo offers, means we’re very different to other social networks and websites.

Discover the best of your suburb on your mobile for free

Here are some of the ways over 8,700 suburbs are using Nabo to get the best out of their local area.


Recommend and discover the best things around you, from local events and attractions, a trusted service or tradie, to the best coffee in town.


Create a support network of local people who can keep an eye on your home or pet while you're away. Grow a stronger neighbourhood together.


Find a kids second hand bike or toy, sell an unwanted item from around your home, or borrow something handy from your neighbours.