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Best Indian in the Shire

Not sure where to go for date night? Or just dreaming of some delicious dozas, cheesy garlic naan and those incredible, complimentary papadums with mint sauce? Well dahl, grab your purse and put on some expandable pants because we've got a list of the best places for you to take a food journey through spice and time in the Shire. 

MOKSHA (Jannali)

This Jannali hot spot has a relatively limited menu but don't be perturbed; every single dish is a winner. The intimate little venue believes that whatever you do, you should do it well, a philosophy that reveals itself in the quality of their food. For veggie friends, there is a vegetarian specialities menu, including delights such as the flavourful baigan masala, packed with melt-in-your-mouth eggplants, garam masala and coriander powder that provides the dish with its rich gravy-like consistency.  If vegetables aren't your thing, not to worry. All carnivorous desires will be catered to! 

Location: 1/523 Box Road, Jannali NSW 2226


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Tasty Tandoori at Miranda offers it patrons an ambient atmosphere to dine on some delicious Indian specialities. With a 'choose your own taste' focus you can elect to have your dishes mild, medium or hot. Whatever your heat preference, you can be sure that all dishes are chock-a-block full of spice and flavour. Start with the cauliflower pokora with farm fresh cauliflower deep fried in a lentil batter. For mains give one of the almond, cashew nut kormas a go, or alternatively, the innovative prawn tandoori masala. 

Location: Shop 1 & 2, 525 Kingsway, Miranda NSW 2228


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Suvam's food philosophy is driven by the desire to serve traditional Mughal cuisine in all its vibrant glory. This desire for authenticity comes out in the rich flavours of Suvam's food, offering starters such as cashew kebabs and spinach pokoddas, with various vindaloos and masalas that are jam-packed with flavour. If you're really into spice (and feeling game) give the green chilli pekoda a go, but definitely have a cold one at the ready to soothe that burn!

Location: Shop 4-6/20 Gerrale Street, Cronulla NSW 2230


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If it's takeaway night and you just can't decide between Indian and pizza, put your rumbling stomach out of its misery and head to Sylvania Indian and Pizza restaurant! Here you'll have the opportunity to combine the two cuisines into one delicious dish, tandoori pizza, or mutually enjoy both curries and pizza separately. Family-run and happy to account for various spice levels, what's not to love?

Location: 8 Princes Highway, Sylvania NSW 2242


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Copperpot is a low-key, family-run Indian eatery in Menai. Dishes like the Goa fish curry and Prawn Malabari are the pick, as they are packed with special home-made spices and masalas creating vibrant and intense flavour. Most other dishes on the Copperpot menu, while delicious, cater to a milder palate. This is perfect for people who still want the flavour but can't handle the heat.  However, if you are after a little more chilli, the accommodating staff are only too happy to adjust the dishes for you.  

Location: Shop 7, 72-96 Allison Crescent, Menai NSW 2234


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Bringing together a fusion of traditional and innovative Indian dishes in their diverse menu, Murraya Indian is a flavour explosion. Set in a nice, modern eatery with a function room available for events, the restaurant provides cuisine packed with flavour! Order the Murraya seafood which combines mussels, fish and calamari in a delicious fisherman's sauce. 

Location: Shop 1, Ground Level, 607 Kingsway, Miranda NSW 2228

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