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Bookworms Wriggle Out of the Woodwork on Nabo

Kerry Pinzone joined Nabo last July when she moved from the picturesque Gippsland, Victoria, to stunning Nelson Bay in the New South Wales’ Port Stephens area. Kerry initially joined the site in her search for a walking partner, but found so much more.

The Nelson Bay community has always been considered relatively close-knit, so it should come as no surprise that when Kerry moved into the area, the sparkling sea views and beautiful scenery were not the only aspects of Nelson Bay for her to enjoy.  Her neighbours were also very friendly, and she met many of them through Nabo.

Kerry used Nabo to start a book club, with its first meeting occurring in February.  It was the first event that Kerry had created using Nabo, but by being part of the online community already through coffee clubs and walking groups, Kerry found a way to connect with like-minded members.

“The first meeting went well, with 4 people in attendance,” noted Kerry.  “At the second meeting, there were 5.” 

The group began their literary journey by reading Hanna Kent’s novel, The Good People. This is the second novel from the Australian author following the success of her debut novel, Burial Rites. The Good People follows Nora Leahy, a poor west-Irish woman in the early 1800s as she struggles with the death of her daughter and husband, then caring for her remaining grandson.

At their second meeting, the group grew to seven members, all of whom connected with Kerry using Nabo.

“We will probably cap the group at ten,” Kerry explained. “We want a small group so we can interact with one another.”

The latest endeavour for the Nelson Bay book club is Foreign Correspondence, a memoir from former Wall Street Journal correspondent, Geraldine Brooks.  The book begins with her humble Australian upbringing and delves into her various relationships with foreign pen pals from Israel, America and France.

The club rotates between each members’ home, alternating their hosting responsibilities and the choosing the next read.  When not instigating literary adventures with her neighbours, or walking with fast friends found through Nabo, Kerry is busy studying business at the Tomaree TAFE in Salamander. Between academic texts, novels and memoirs, once thing’s for certain; Kerry Pinzone is very well read!

Do you have a story like Kerry's? Or do you know other examples of Nabo members spurring community action? Let us know!

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