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Community Initiative Supports Those Affected by Cancer

Cancer affects many Australians in one way or another. According to the Cancer Council of Australia, either yourself or a family member will be affected by the disease. Thankfully for the residents of Orange, a rural town in New South Wales, Sheran recognised the importance of communal support when battling this terrible disease.  In order to support more members of her local government area, she signed up with Nabo.

A cancer diagnosis can often bring about similar responses to grief, including anger, denial and depression. As with grief, cancer diagnoses require the support of family and community members, but these aren’t always readily available, especially in country towns.

“There is a lack of readily available physical and emotional support,” explained Sheran. “Most support services are run by volunteers that operate during office hours only. Being diagnosed with cancer means that your emotions are not run by office hours.”

It was for this reason that Dale, Sue, Louise and Sheran started up ChickChat. Meeting every second Saturday since February this year, ChickChat is a support group for women of all ages who are either battling cancer themselves, or are supporting a loved one through their fight. Though already advertising the group on other social media platforms, Sheran decided to use Nabo after seeing it advertised on morning television.

“Nabo gives our group a different medium to promote our group,” said Sheran. “[Nabo] enables us to meet people within our community that may otherwise be alone or unsupported.”

Though most members of ChickChat had crossed paths in one way or another, they did not realise that they shared a common enemy in cancer. 

“We have managed to gain support for our group from doctors, specialists, pharmacists and other local businesses. Because of this, we are able to support people from early diagnosis and prior to starting treatment, which is when they are at their most ‘alone and lost’ time.”

Nabo is an excellent way to connect with your neighbourhood, especially when you’re looking to support one another through difficult times. “The people in our community are always ready to step up and help out whenever they can, no matter what the challenge,” finishes Sheran. And with groups like ChickChat, we couldn’t agree more.

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