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Deception Bay Residents Find Friendship on Nabo

When Chris M left the small, inland town of Beaudesert for a sea change, she left behind 25 years of friendship and community. Deception Bay is almost four times the size of Beaudesert, but as we all know, sometimes the more neighbours you have, the harder it is to create lasting connections. After seeing an advertisement for Nabo on morning television, Chris signed up.

“I thought it would be good for us to make some friends, as we didn’t know a soul here,” Chris explained. Shortly after joining Nabo, Chris connected with three of her neighbours and after substantial back and forth through private messaging, “I put it to them that we should meet up face to face.”

Along with her husband, Chris met up with Pat, Wayne and Rob at a café by the waters of Deception Bay. Grateful to have made friendships in their neighbourhoods, Chris and Rob extended a welcome to new Nabo members regularly, as well as creating events for casual picnics. Their friendship group grew to six and they now meet fortnightly.

“We each take down a flask of coffee or tea, and something to munch on, then share it amongst ourselves,” said Chris. “We are all now really good friends”.

The group has met each fortnight over the past year, discussing everything from television shows, politics, world events and shopping, as well as sharing insights and announcements from their own families. “Anything we can think of!”.

“We need to give Nabo a great amount of praise and thanks,” finishes Chris. “I was so lonely when we moved here, I really needed to make some new friends, which we now have! I would be so lost without them.”

Moving from a community that has been home for over two decades is certainly a daunting task, but it’s exactly what Nabo is here for. Whether you’ve just moved in or never got around to it, sometimes it’s up to you to take the first step.

Do you have a story like Chris? Or do you know of other examples of Nabo members spurring community action? Let us know!

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