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Experience Art in Newcastle

Art, and its appreciation, is a necessary part of life. It provides beauty and perspective on the little bubbles which we call our lives. Novocastrians, have we got a treat for you! Read on to find the best ways to experience art in Newcastle, whether that be by simple appreciation, or hands-on enjoyment. 


The Newcastle Art Gallery was always going to make it onto this list. Aiming to present great artistic exhibitions to the public, this art Galley has free entry to its patrons. It's the perfect place for you to whet your art whistle - especially if you don't know whether or not art is something you're going to enjoy. However, as the Gallery opened in 1957, we think that they're doing something right. Head on down and do something different from your usual weekend. 

Price: Free entry, some exhibitions may incur an additional fee. 

Location: 1 Laman Street, Newcastle NSW 2300


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Have you always wanted to get out and start drawing? Only to realise that you're not well endowed in the artistic departmentWell - don't worry - that is what the Arts Emporium is for. Hosting a myriad of different art classes, the Arts Emporium has something for everyone. On the other hand, if you're already an artist and are looking to build on some of your skills - the Arts Emporium can also help you out. What are you waiting for?

Price: See website for full details.

Location: 2 Pearson Street, Lambton NSW 2299


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Street Art Walking is absolutely perfect for you if you'd rather enjoy art in its context instead of a gallery. The two hour walking tour will take you along the streets of Newcastle, using the street art as a backdrop to your conversation. Find out the story behind the murals, fully immerse yourself in this tour and find out what the art in Newcastle is truly about. You won't look at Newcastle the same way again.

Price: $21.49

Location: Morgan Street, Newcastle NSW 2300


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Opening in 2008, Art Mania Studio know what they are about. Born out of the owner's passion to share art and her talent, Art Mania Studio has simply blossomed. Take a class or two at Art Mania and become a part of the community that the studio supports and inspires. You can be completely inexperienced, or totally over qualified to join in at Art Mania Studio, so there's not much holding you back! Sign up today to challenge yourself to work harder in a new field, or your own one if you're already an artist.

Price: See website for full details. 

Location: 12 Council Street, Wallsend NSW 2287


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Cooks Hill Galleries is the place to go to get your art fix. With free entry, there is nothing stopping you from taking in all the beautiful artworks and exhibitions available at Cooks Hill Galleries. With many styles of art being presented, you're sure to find something to your taste. Do yourself a favour and head to Cooks Hill Galleries, and let yourself be completely immersed by the world of art. 

Price: Free

Location: 67 Bull Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

Where do you like to experience art in Newcastle? Share it with your neighbours in the comment section below!

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