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Five reasons why your neighbours are now sharing their cars

The sharing economy is a term that gets thrown around regularly as the way of the future. It’s becoming more common these days to hear phrases from our friends and community like “we didn’t book a hotel we stayed in the spare room” or “I didn’t want to buy it, I just borrowed it.”

This trend is something that’s most easily reflected in the way we consume media. Movie rental chain Blockbuster has become a relic of the past. We don’t own DVDs (or VHS for anyone over the age of 16) - movies and TV shows are now streamed. We don’t buy CD’s, we borrow them, listen to them and then return back to their digital shelves.

But as these changes move out of the digital space and into our physical one, so with it comes car sharing!  If you’ve heard about car sharing, but aren’t really sure how it works, what it is or how it could work for you or your community, here are some common questions that your neighbour car sharing service, Car Next Door, get all the time...

1. Why are people becoming car sharers?

The premise of Car Next Door’s peer to peer car sharing is fairly simple.

To free people and the planet from the 'one person, one car' mentality

We want to effect change, specifically the environmental cost of car ownership in Australia. Studies have shown that a shared car can on average can be shared between ten people and take as many additional cars off the road! With over half the emissions of a car being produced when its created, it’s time we start as a community working to reduce the number of cars we collectively own.

2. How does neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing actually work?

Think of Car Next Door as the Airbnb of cars. If you have a car we enable you to safely lend it to your neighbours. We provide the security that the people borrowing it have been vetted, we run a credit check and we have a GPS tracker in your car, along with fully comprehensive insurance covering your car when it’s being driven, so you’re always protected.

If you don’t have a car, we allow you to borrow people’s cars near to you for when you need a vehicle for errands or weekend trips at a good price and without the hassle or inconvenience or traditional car rental. You can book for as little or as long as you want, starting from an hour-long booking. And most of all, when you borrow cars from your neighbours you are also putting money directly back into your community, meaning people like Angie can own a car for when they need it.

“I think I’ve made $2000 since I joined Car Next Door last year. After all my driving expenses like insurance, petrol and rego, I end up with between $80 and $100 a month. Last month it was $300.”

3. For car owners - Why should I rent out my car?

If you own a car you already know that cars are expensive. You buy them, you have to pay to register them, pay to insure them, pay to maintain them and then pay for petrol just to get from A to B. With basic CTP and registration close to a $1000 per year, it puts your minimum car costs to $18 - 20 a week, before you have even driven anywhere!

This is where a system like peer to peer car sharing comes in. You can help members of your community get where they need to go, and in return you can offset the costs of your car by getting paid to share it. Instead of owning a car that sits around for most of the time, lend it to someone else and let it get put to work for you.

4. For non car owners - Why should I borrow my neighbours car instead of buying my own?

Here are just some of the reasons why members of the community choose to share over buying a car.

My lifestyle doesn’t really require a car 95% of the time and so I don’t own a car, and to be honest I don’t really want to!

If I’m going to see friends in the city, parking is expensive and annoying to find and I’d prefer to take a train or tram in anyway. The only times I actually need a car is when I need to purchase/move something heavy or go outside of the city on a trip. And realistically those things aren’t happening regularly enough that I need to buy a car to do them.

You might be in the same situation - you want a car sometimes, but not enough to justify owning one, which is where car sharing could be the solution for you. If you aren’t a heavy user it will be cheaper to borrow a car for when you actually need it, rather than owning one full time.

5. How do I actually rent out my car or borrow my neighbours car?

To rent out your car - visit our website and fill out an application for your vehicle (takes 5 minutes).

We’ll give you a call to answer any questions you have, and if it’s right for you, set up a time to install a GPS and a lockbox (for your keys so borrowers can easily access your car).

Typically from signing up to your car being ready to be borrowed, it takes about a week!

To borrow cars - It’s free to become a member just apply on the website. If you’re eligible to borrow we will approve your application within three business hours. Once you’re an approved borrower, you can rent out your first car, by booking it through our website or our app.

6. Special Offer for Nabo Members

Welcome to the world of car sharing - where people share their cars with people in their community!

We’d love to have community-minded people like yourself join the team and help us achieve our mission -

To free people and the planet from the 'one person, one car' mentality.

For the Nabo community we’re offering you $75 Bonus Income added to your account when you rent out your car on Australia’s biggest (and friendliest) neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing community.

Simply use the code NABO18 when applying to rent out your car. (Offer ends 31 Oct)

Thanks for reading!

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