Nabo is the social network for your suburb connecting neighbours in over 8,700 communities across Australia.

Get more from Nabo by verifying your address

Is it safe?

Verifying your address makes sure that the people in your suburb hub on Nabo are residents of your area in real life, too.

Whether you share your full address in Nabo is up to you (you can edit your profile settings to manage the level of visibility of your details – for example, you can choose to show your full name, or your first name and an initial, and whether to show your full street address or just your street) and your personal details are always secure.

You can find out more about the strong safeguards Nabo has in place for your personal information here.

Why is it important?

Nabo is a safe, trusted space for connecting with your neighbours. We ask members to sign up with their real name, and verify their address, so that members can feel sure they know who they are talking to.

After you’ve verified your address, you’ll be able to access more great features on Nabo, including:

  • Nabo’s private messaging system, which allows you to communicate directly with other Nabo members.
  • You get a trusted member tick which drives 65% more engagement with other users
  • Members are more likely to get a response, reply or message if their account is verified.
  • Helps to create a secure environment for all users (including yourself)
  • Stops you being harassed by Nabo to verify your account :)

How do I verify my address?

There are four easy ways to verify your address:

  1. Instant verification using your browser's geo-location.
  2. An automated voice call to your home phone number as listed in the White Pages.
  3. A letter sent to your home by post.
  4. Upload a proof of address document that matches the name and address of your Nabo account.

Get started now.

Click on COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE on the top right-hand side of your suburb hub homepage, then click on Verify address.

Or click on Verify Now in your profile.

You can then choose one of the four options for confirming your street address.

More details on how each of the four verification options work can be found here.

Discover the best of your suburb on your mobile for free

Here are some of the ways over 8,700 suburbs are using Nabo to get the best out of their local area.


Recommend and discover the best things around you, from local events and attractions, a trusted service or tradie, to the best coffee in town.


Create a support network of local people who can keep an eye on your home or pet while you're away. Grow a stronger neighbourhood together.


Find a kids second hand bike or toy, sell an unwanted item from around your home, or borrow something handy from your neighbours.