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Lead Spotlight: Heidi Hunt

Heidi-profileHeidi Hunt from High Wycombe WA moved to Australia two years ago after falling in love with the place on a holiday from her native United States.


Why did you join Nabo?

I saw an ad for Nabo on TV and thought it sounded like a great way to get to know people in my area as I was new to the community. Since joining Nabo, I’ve been able to find out about events near me, discuss local issues in a group I created, and have personally met over 50 of my neighbours.


What Community initiatives are you/have you been involved in?

The new train station is bringing lots of changes for those of us in the High Wycombe area that own property within 1000 metres of where it is being built. I have been working with neighbours in the area where these changes are starting to take place. Being in Real Estate I am in the unique position to work with local business leaders as well. I am thrilled to be part of this exciting time!


What motivated you to become a Suburb Lead?

I had been in High Wycombe long enough to know that I wanted to call it home, at the same time that I saw the ad for Nabo on channel 7. When I saw that no one had become Suburb Lead I saw the opportunity to invest in my High Wycombe community. Being a Suburb Lead is hands on with my neighbours. With Nabo I can laugh with people I may not have otherwise met. I get to connect other people in the same way.


What do you like most about Nabo?

Getting to meet people that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to, and being able to help other people to do the same.


What advice/tips do you have for other suburb leads to get involved and grow their community?

Go door knock and meet your neighbours face to face. When they feel good about that encounter they tend to tell their neighbours and friends about Nabo more and get them to sign up as well. I was excited about all of the new people who signed up and I wanted to celebrate. I wanted to find a way to thank everyone personally so I thought up the Suburb Lotto. It is a Thank You for joining card with a $2 scratchie enclosed. Since I was starting out more than 50 behind I decided to do "a lotto for the lotto"! I put everyone who I had addresses for (a good reason to disclose an address in High Wycombe) name into a bowl and picked out 20. Those were the first lotto winners for the Suburb! I delivered each of them personally and then started with the next 20 and so on. Once I have everyone caught up I'd like to do other little fun things like that. We have a really good little community out here.

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