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Longtime Kingswood Resident Makes New Connections

Louise G has lived in Kingswood for over two decades now, so you might think that she knew all there was to know about the Western Sydney suburb. After signing up with Nabo, Louise soon found that this wasn’t the case.

“I wanted to get to know more people in my area,” explained Louise, who has since done just that by joining Nabo group, Chat with a Cuppa. The group meets on the third Monday of each month at various locations in the Penrith area. A collection of men and women of varying ages come along to chat over a cup of coffee.

“We all chatted together about a wide range of topics. The conversation just flowed naturally,” said Louise. Having known no one in the group before seeing the post on Nabo, Louise was pleasantly surprised. “Everyone participated. [The groups organiser] Adele, was very well organised and welcoming”. 

Despite the Chat with a Cuppa get-together starting at 11am, Louise didn’t find herself leaving until 2.30pm. “I really enjoyed our coffee catch up and made new friends one of which we’ve swapped numbers and have been messaging each other.”

Though Louise initially signed up with Nabo to find new, like-minded friends, she soon realised that there was much more to the site than making social connections.

“I’ve got to know local businesses and I also like the wanted and sell section,” she said. With almost 100 members in Kingswood alone, the suburb is the perfect microcosm of how Nabo can translate into real-world connections.

“I’ve told most of my friends about Nabo and would recommend it to anyone,” finishes Louise. “Nabo has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. I love that.”

And so do we, Louise!

Do you have a story like Louise? Or do you know other examples of Nabo members spurring community action? Let us know!

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