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Marilyn Celebrates a Year on Nabo with New Friends

On 12 September, Marilyn S from Griffith, NSW, celebrated her one year Nabo anniversary. Though only moving in to the area 12 months earlier, Marilyn hasn’t let that stop her from making new friends. 

After transitioning out of the workforce, the vibrant brunette wasn’t interested in spending her time in front of the television – especially since she was new in town. Instead, she signed up with Nabo. Not only was she able to make new friends, she also found that it was a fantastic way to acquaint herself with the area. “I got out and met people, and in turn they introduced me to the town. Everthing is so close to where I live!”

Soon enough, it wasn’t just the wineries that Marilyn was enjoying in her new home town. She had also connected with other Nabo users in Griffith ,“making friends was easy through Nabo, I just kept inviting people for coffee.”

Marilyn admitted that not all those she had asked to meet with had been receptive, but she didn’t let that deter her. “Some people ignore you,” Marilyn explains, “but eventually you come across someone else that doesn’t want to be lonely.”

Despite the fact that she has now been settled in Griffith for 12 months, Marilyn hasn’t forgotten how hard it can be to make friends when you’re new in town, “I enjoy Nabo because it lets me know when new people are arriving here.” 

On top of making new friends on Nabo, Marilyn has also joined the multicultural committee in Griffith. Together with all the coffees, lunches and theatre dates, it’s great to see that Marilyn has so much on her plate after such a short time in Griffith.

Do you have a story like Marilyn's? Or do you know other examples of Nabo members spurring community action? Let us know!

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