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Members’ top 10 tips for getting the most out of Nabo

From great tips on using the events listings to advice on meeting up in real life, Nabo members have some excellent ideas! In our recent Member Survey one of our questions was “What’s your favourite tip for getting the most out of Nabo?” and your answers were full of good suggestions. After reading through the thousands of answers to the survey, we’ve put together a list of ten tips that can help you, too, make the most of Nabo and your neighbourhood.

Have a wander around the site

“Play around the site, when looking you'll find hidden tidbits in many locations,” said one member. “Ensure that you know your way well round the site and make full use of all the facilities available on NABO,” said another.

Taking the time to look around is a great way to make sure you’re taking advantage of everything that might suit your needs now, or down the track. Nabo’s Help section has an extensive list of guides for using the site.

Local events

Did you know that you can “save” events you find listed on Nabo, so you don’t forget about them? Or that you can share a listed event event – in a Nabo post, directly to specific Nabo members, to Facebook or via email – to let more people know about it?  

The Events function was very popular with members who answered our top tips question.

“I make sure I tick that I'm interested in certain events so I don't miss any,” wrote one member.  “Save events to get remidners a day before,” said another.

See the events listing for your area by clicking on “See all’ above the “Events This Week” list on the right-hand side of your suburb hub, or via the Events section in the Local directory drop-down at the top of the page. You’ll see a Save to My Events button on each event in the list, and if you click through for details, a Share button, too.  You can read more about how to share an event in this Nabo FAQ article.

Other members nominated listing any event you know about as their top tip. “If you know about an event put it up on Nabo”; And “Be keen to promote events you know about and encourage others who do post.”

You don’t have to be the organiser of an event to list it on Nabo. If you spot information about an upcoming local event, listing it is a great way to help others – and it’s easy to do. You can read more about the kinds of events that can be listed here and information on creating an event listing here

Dive right in

We loved this answer to the “top tip” question: “Just dive right in and say G'day!”

A lot of you had similar answers, encouraging others to get involved:

“Engage. Set an example to other users about staying engaged and having a voice - reply to questions and connect by talking.”

“Post frequently and welcome new members to Nabo.”

Use it. The more people put up events and stories about the neighbourhood the more connected we will be.”

“Be the change you want to see. Everyone contribute and it will be more effective.”

And as another member pointed out, even small things are worth sharing. “Share when you’ve found interesting news, cafes, restaurants, local info etc. No need to feel like it's a very unimportant news or people may not feel WOW by this topic etc. Just share anything that makes you feel good, like a drop of dew on a flower in front of your lawn, you found cute dogs and cats, cockatoos ate your home-grown lettuce again, a baby turkey just invaded your chilli plot, this boy helped me on a bus etc. Anything that makes you feel good about yourself or life might make other feel the same - like a smile is contagious.”

Nabo is your community, and it’s made stronger, more useful and more fun when there’s plenty of posts and discussion happening.

Think of it, as one member does, as catching up with a friend: “Take the time once a week to have a look what is new on Nabo, just like dropping in for a coffee with your neighbour!”

Reply to posts

Several members were even more specific in their “top tip” answer.

“Commenting rather than just lurking! It won't work if everyone is standing back waiting for everyone else to start a conversation.”

“I think the best way of getting the most out of NABO is for more people to comment on suggestions, or ideas, as you get a better consensus on if things are good or not.”

You can contribute in many ways: welcome a new member, wish someone good luck in an endeavour they’ve posted about, answer a request for recommendations, join in a discussion. 

Be nice, stay positive

Nabo aims to be a helpful, supportive community, so keeping a positive attitude in your posts and comments really helps to make it a place others will want to come back to, so it was great to see it come up again and again in the survey responses.

“Keep it positive, spread good stories.”

“Be kind and generous to each other.”

“Positivity helps people enjoy their community; negativity, whilst you are entitled to a point of view, does not need to make another neighbour feel and look bad to others.”


A lot of you put “join a group” as your top tip. It’s certainly worked well for some members – we’ve heard some wonderful stories from members who have found new friends by joining a group or creating one, on Nabo or in real life.

“A lady wanted to know if there was anyone out there in the community that knitted. My friend and I used to go to stitch and bitch at the community centre, but they stopped, so we made contact with her to say we are willing to start up our own little group and see where that will take us,” one member told us.

Another offered some great tips for setting up your own group using Nabo.

“If there isn't a walking group or photography group in your neighbourhood start one. Just plan the start date for a month in advance to give people to have time to find out about it and organise themselves. You don't have to drive, think about meeting up with people at the local park.”

You can create a group page on Nabo for an existing group that you are part of in real-life, or start a new one to connect with others who share your interests. You can find articles here on how to create a group on Nabo.

Other members have found existing local groups through posts on Nabo. “Our group is even more fun, having them attend,” one member told us of new additions to a local craft group.

Make the most of meeting up

Thinking about meeting Nabo friends in real life?

“Really it’s about being open and trying things,” one member said. “If you have a particular interest tell people and you're more likely to meet like-minded people. My general rule when meeting someone new is meet somewhere neutral and safe. Give it some boundaries. Be polite but if it doesn’t work it’s ok to say so. If you aren't good at the small talk try doing an activity like walking or an art gallery or public event and have some conversation starters prepared.”

Others suggested simple meetings in public places as a good starting point.

“Invite other Nabo contributors to meet you for coffee at a very public venue so that everyone feels safe. If you don’t get along, just put it down to a learning experience and don’t contact them again, but chances are you’ll make a new friend!”

Get help, find answers

Want to find a great local builder, baker, or bottle shop? Looking for a pet sitter? Or want to chat about a hobby? Your fellow Nabo members can help with all of that. Many of you said in the survey that your favourite thing about Nabo is being able to get, or give, advice and recommendations. “I have learned a lot about my neighbourhood,” one member said, while another said they loved the fact that sharing information and recommendations had helped them connect with their neighbours.

You can ask for recommendations by posting in your suburb hub (choose Recommendations as the category when creating your post). You can also find qualified people to help with all kinds of household jobs through online service marketplace OneFlare or via Nabo’s  local business directory (find it through the Local Directory drop-down menu at the top of your Nabo suburb hub). If you’re after a pet-sitter, Nabo partner Pawshake can put you in touch with local animal lovers who do dog walking, home visits, house sitting and more (select Pet sitting in the Local directory drop-down to be taken to a list of Pawshake people near you).

Another place you might find advice and help is in Nabo’s groups section. People use Nabo to set up groups to discuss everything from hobbies to local environmental issues.

More members

As some of you pointed out in your “top tip” answer, more Nabo members means a more active, useful suburb hub. “Take every opportunity to spread the word. Once a neighbourhood reaches a tipping point, it'll get easier, and the benefits will flow,” wrote one member. More active members means more people sharing ideas; making connections with their neighbours; buying, selling and giving away things; and giving recommendations for good local businesses. And as another member commented, creating a safer place to live: “Encourage more people to join Nabo, so we have a bigger circle of people looking out for each other security wise.”

Email alerts

A lot of you nominated reading email alerts as your top tip to get the most out of Nabo.

“Every time you get an email from Nabo, open it and read. There are always interesting things and it gives you ideas that you may not have thought of on your own.”

 “Sign up to e-mail alerts, it prompts you to look further if you have time and the desire!”

“Read all the emails that come through as you will be surprised in what you find out about your local area.”

“Have notifications turned on so you get an email when something new is on Nabo.”

“I read it as it appears in my email... don't leave it till later.”

You can customise your Nabo email settings to get notifications of the things that matter to you, and choose from daily or weekly updates on local activity. To make sure the emails you get are relevant to you, keep your profile up to date (read this article to see how to update your interests on Nabo, and see what other Nabo members are most passionate about. )

As these ten top tips show, there are many ways to get the most out of Nabo. One member summed it up beautifully:  “Check Nabo regularly and put yourself out there, take a leap of faith; you never know, a good friend could be just around the corner.

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