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Nabo Member Helps Friend Back on his Feet

A little under a month ago, member Mandy D reached out to her community through Nabo on behalf of her friend of 13 years, Matty. After being essentially homeless for the last five years, Matty was given a fresh start with a tenancy from the Department of Housing. He then faced a seemingly impossible task – furnishing his new unit completely from scratch on a limited budget. An impossible task… until Mandy decided to give Nabo a go.

For Mandy, Nabo was the best choice to look for donations. “I didn’t like Gumtree,” she explains, “I think that Nabo is better and easier to use. I’ve seen similar posts online and thought that it was a win-win situation”.

A user since 2015, Mandy sent out a request via the Free to Good Home section and received a reply within just 17 minutes. From there, the responses just rolled in. Nabo members offered washing machines, sofas, bookshelves, sheets, TV sets and more, as well as recommendations on nearby second-hand stores.

“We got an amazing collection of things,” Mandy says. Among this collection was a washing machine and a bookshelf, which were both given to Matty for free. And for just $180, he was able to buy a second-hand sofa for his unit that was originally priced at $2000. 

A user in Newtown dropped off food as well as a little something for Mandy. “She gave me all this food and she thought it was lovely what I was doing, so she gave me a little gift”.

The response and generosity that Mandy received from the Nabo community overwhelmed her, “It was amazing. We got such a great response.”

If you or anyone you know is looking for affordable items to decorate their homes or business, visit the Free to Good Home section on Nabo.

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