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Neighbour Day - Connect, Nominate, make your Suburb better

Dear Nabo Member,

We're excited to announce that we will be supporting Neighbour Day on Sunday 25 March. 

Neighbour Day is a National initiative from Relationships Australia to drive stronger and more connected communities. Find out more here

We want members like you, who want stronger more connected communities, to get involved. You can do this by:

1. Creating, publicising or attending a Neighbour Day event

Take the opportunity to create an event and invite your neighbours in the suburb hub to come along!  Watch your inbox for plenty of ideas for what you could do for your event - there are plenty of free, simple and fun ways to connect with your neighbours.

Otherwise, we'd love you to find an event, attend and encourage your friends and neighbours to come along. It's a great excuse to get together in a friendly place to connect with future friends.

If you can't make it, support and encourage others to attend. Otherwise, find your local events here and look for Nieghbour Day mentions.

2. Nominating a Helpful Neighbour - Win a special Prize Pack

Each week of March will see 1 lucky Nabo neighbour win a special prize pack (worth at least $250). We'd love to hear how a neighbour has helped you out so tell us your story, post it on Nabo (include the hashtag #NaboNeighbour) and they're in the draw. Photos would be great too.

Simply post to your feed!

3. Connecting with a neighbour

From the survey it was clear you want to connect with good neighbours so please reach out, post recommendations, do some buying & selling, answer a question or just say thanks to someone who posts. We'll also be giving away prizes to people who help a fellow Nabo member out.

We'll be providing ideas on how to connect, otherwise try this on for size: http://neighbourday.org/get-involved/50-tips-to-be-more-neighbourly/

We will be supporting Neighbour Day on TV, with our members and with the support of many community newspapers so lots of Australians (and your neighbours) will find out about Neighbour Day.

We'll be updating this post so if you have any other questions, please write them below. 

Have a great month!

From the team at Nabo.

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