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New Nabo Development: August 2018

Dear Nabo members,

Nabo has been built to help neighbours connect with the people they live next to, thereby creating stronger, safer and happier communities. It’s that simple.

As we all know, this is a challenge at the best of times. The Nabo website only works if members like you participate by replying to posts, welcoming neighbours and posting local events, news and recommendations.

Mandatory Address Verification

More recently, while we have continued to grow, we have become concerned about two things;

  1. Keeping members safe on our private network, and
  2. Helping members take ownership of their local suburb feeds.

With this in mind, after speaking with our suburb leads, a variety of members and looking at best practice across the world, we will be implementing mandatory address verification for all members from Tues 11 Sept.

This is not a major change for the 40% of members who have already verified that their address is accurate. But it may need all of us to talk positively about why this is important. We are doing this because:

  • Members who verify are trusted – they get 65% more engagement from other users.
  • It confirms that you are a neighbour of the suburb & you’re more likely to interact with the suburb feed
  • It adds an additional layer of protection from potential scams on our platform.
Please note, if you have already verified your address, then you don't need to do anything. Verified members don't need to re-verify...

As always, we strongly urge you to review your privacy settings to make sure you are happy with what data members can see about you. It takes 2 minutes.

What we are working on...

It’s not easy to run a site like Nabo while keeping it free.

Our focus is on helping neighbours connect but we are trying to provide relevant offers and messages to help recover our costs. We may not always get this right, but please bear with us. 

We are working on how we make the platform better and most of this is focused on making it simpler to use. There will be more information coming over the next 2-3 months on this.

How Nabo doesn't use your data

Finally, we wanted to make something clear about your data on this site, based on member questions.

  1. We won’t sell (or even give) your data to any 3rd party without your permission.
  2. Your data is kept in a secure location
  3. We do not track what you do on other sites – unlike other social platforms
  4. You control what data is visible on the site – see privacy settings

Our goal is to help you connect with your neighbours and be able to have a better local community. That's the only reason why we want your data.

Thanks for your support and please complete the address verification process as soon as possible.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: In response to comments on the Blog:
- Address Privacy - If you don't want members to see your address, please change your privacy settings - go here -> https://www.nabo.com.au/account/settings/privacy
- Problem verifying? - Please contact us directly and we will work through a solution - https://help.nabo.com.au/hc/en-us/requests/new
- Links on the blog take me to the feed, not to verification? - This is probably because you are already verified (thank you!). Check by going to your profile page here https://www.nabo.com.au/account/profile
- Getting too many emails? 1) Change email settings here and also 2) change your notification settings here

Best Wishes,

Geoff Main - Chief Marketing Officer and Leichhardt NSW Suburb Lead

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