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Organisations on Nabo: Kogarah Community Services

Kogarah Community Services (KCS) is a community organisation that has provided services to the St. George area for just over 40 years. With services ranging from outside school childcare to aged care, KCS strives to improve the lives within their community. We asked Cathy Nisbet to explain further. 

Tell us a bit about KCS. What are you and what's your mission?

KCS is a vibrant community organisation, committed to creating a strong, connected, inclusive community.


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Tell me about the best part of your organisation.

It is undoubtedly our caring, committed, diverse staff that live and breathe the KCS ethos. We care and it shows.


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What’s great about the area your organisation operates in?

We work in the south of Sydney in a wonderfully diverse and multicultural community. It is rich with history and culture... and has some of the best restaurants in all of Sydney.


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What events do you have coming up? How can residents get involved?

We have our Community Conversation on Monday 5 June, which is an opportunity for community members to be heard and to share their vision for the future. Sign up at info@kogarahcommunity.org.au.


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What should residents check out on Nabo?

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Kogarah Community Services is just one of many fantastic community organisations connecting with their neighbours on Nabo.

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