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Organisations on Nabo: STAR Community Services

This heart-warming group recognized a lack of affordable transportation for the elderly and disabled 21 years ago. Over 100 STAR (Special Transport Assistance Redlands Associated Inc) Community Services volunteers provide over 6000 Redlands residents with safe rides around the community. We asked the organisation on wheels to give us more information about their mission. 

Tell us a bit about STAR Community Services. What do you do?

At STAR, we believe that inclusive communities thrive. That’s why we offer services for the welfare of elderly and people with disabilities; to help them stay healthy, active and socially engaged. With the help of our compassionate staff and volunteers, we assist thousands of community members enjoy an independent lifestyle and stay connected to their community. We offer affordable and innovative Aged Care, Disability Care, and Community Transport in Brisbane since 1996. You can contact us at www.starcommunityservices.org.au or by calling 07 3821 6699.


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What’s your favourite thing about your organisation?

We are truly a community organisation - serving the community, with the help of volunteers from the community organisation. More than 150 volunteers assist us in carrying out our services.


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What’s the best thing about operating in the Redlands community?

We've operated in Redlands community since 1996. Redlands residents are generous with their time, skills and resources. We are fortunate to receive ongoing support from the volunteers since we started our operations in 1996. We have now received growth funding from the government to extend our operations to areas of Ipswich, Redlands, Logan and Gold Coast. We are looking forward to working with the community to offer them quality services at affordable prices.


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Do you have any campaigns or events coming up? How can residents get involved?

We have ongoing information sessions for people wanting to know more about the recent Aged Care Reforms. They are free for all community residents to attend.


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What can your residents expect to see from your organisation on Nabo?

Information on aged care and disability support services to enable elderly and those with disabilities enjoy a healthier, more independent life.

STAR Community Services is just one of many fantastic community organisations connecting with their neighbours on Nabo.

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