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September's Top 5 Posts

Spring is finally here and the change in weather seems to have put a pep in our members step. Every month we see Nabo members being kind and supportive of each other, but September has really shown how lovely and community-minded your neighbours can be. From sharing recipes, to fundraising for our farmers and just sharing the magic of spring blossoms, there's been a whole lot of heartwarming posts between neighbours.
So, without further ado, read on for the Top 5 posts on Nabo this month.

Plant Swapping

Janet in QLD was looking for some Agave plant pups (otherwise known as offsets) to add to her garden and luckily, her lovely neighbour Ewan had enough to share!
As a way to say thanks, Janet offered to give Ewan some of her Rosemary and Parsely which he needed after he accidentally killed both of his off. Proof that one good deed deserves another.

A game of cards, anyone?

Nabo member April from QLD was looking for people to join her in a game of cards every week and the response she got was wonderful! Lots of neighbours repsonded in the hopes to join the game and it seems that they'll be meeting at the local library every Friday morning for some Euchre or Bridge from now on.

Easy recipes for a busy mum

As everyone knows, when it comes to the end of a busy day it can be overwhelming trying to think of what to cook for the family and even more so if you're not a natural MasterChef! 
Nina in WA was desperate for some quick and easy recipes to feed her family and her foodie neighbours were more than happy to help! 
She received recipes for a delicious sounding chilli and a tried and tested meal that included sausages, gravy and some nice, crunchy bread. Is anyone else hungry now?

Fundraising for our farmers

It's been an especially tough year for our hardworking farmers and their families and we're all keen to help out wherever we can. Suzanne in QLD was letting everyone know about the local farmers market which was holding a fundraiser for the farmers. It included raffles, photo booths, a sausage sizzle and cupcakes and toffee apples!
Everyone here on the Nabo Team is hoping that it was a massive success and are proud of Suzanne for doing something so wonderful for her community.

Proof that spring has sprung!

Is there anything more lovely than seeing all our lovely plants blossoming after a long winter? Barbara in VIC doesn't think so and was eager to share this beautiful photo she took of blossoms in bloom. As her neighbour Jane put it "they make the street come alive" and we couldn't agree more. Happy Spring everyone!

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