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Stolen Handbag Returned Through Nabo

In the early hours of 13 July, Nabo member Rebecca H and her husband were left shaken by an unwelcome intruder in their home. Rebecca first sensed something was amiss when her cat jumped from their bed to investigate something in the living room and her worst fears were confirmed as she glimpsed the light of a torch in the next room.

Getting up from bed, Rebecca saw an unfamiliar man in her living room who bolted through the front deck once she yelled at him to leave and woke her husband. She then watched the man run down the street, making his escape on foot.

Within ten minutes of her call, six police cars cruised through the surrounding streets in an unsuccessful attempt to nab the burglar. Before being interrupted, he had managed to get his hands on a pair of smartphones as well as Rebecca’s handbag, which he discarded along the way.

Later that day, Rebecca logged in to her Nabo profile and posted in the Crime & Safety section in a bid to identify the man, alert her fellow neighbours and maybe recover her dumped handbag. She was taken aback by the almost immediate responses and support that she received over the next 24 hours. “It made me realise that there are many interested neighbours in our local community who actively use Nabo,” she stated.

One such neighbour read Rebecca’s post and was instantly reminded of a conversation she had had earlier that day with a friend, who mentioned finding a handbag in her garden and handing it in to the police. Miraculously, it turned out to be Rebecca’s handbag which she then picked up from the station. Through Nabo, Rebecca was even able to return a stolen shoe that the intruder accidentally left in her home to their rightful owner, who has become a Nabo member after hearing Rebecca’s story.

In regards to identifying the robber, the police are currently investigating a payment made by Rebecca’s stolen credit card and will hopefully be able to charge the intruder with fraud as well as home invasion. Although she sleeps a little bit lighter than before, Rebecca says that she feels fairly settled.

As the Nabo member who reunited Rebecca with her handbag said, “without Nabo we wouldn’t all be aware to be more vigilant than usual”. Here at Nabo, we aim to spread awareness in the community so that we can support each other and sleep a little more peacefully at night.

Do you have a story like Rebecca's? Or do you know other examples of Nabo members helping their community? Let us know!

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