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The Best Italiano in the Inner West

We have a lot to thank the Italians for, be it pizza, pasta, risotto or some of the other delicious carbohydrates they've gifted to us. Luckily you won't have to leave the country (or your area) to experience some of the very best in traditional Italian fare. The Inner West has been home to many generations of Mediterranean migrants, bringing flavour and authenticity into the local food scene (not to mention good coffee). So grab a bottle of vino, a couple of friends and head to one of these local Italian eateries for a delicious night out!


Recently gone vegan and really missing pizza? Fret not, dear friend, as Gigi's in Newtown is an entirely vegan pizzeria and it's jam packed with culinary delights. The Cavolo is delicious, a base of creamy cauliflower topped with artichokes, pine nuts and currants is the perfect blend of creamy, crunchy and sweet. If you're more of a traditionalist then order the Marinara Tradizionale and indulge in the tastes of garlic and oregano alongside tangy tomato.

Location: 379 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042 


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Pasta is the standout at La Ricetta, with home-made potato gnocchi, fettuccine and risotto galore. Little potato dumplings of gnocchi are cooked a variety of ways but you simply can't go past-a the gnocchi gorgonzola, which is pan tossed with nutmeg and cream. The menu also features a wide range of risotto cooked 'just like Nonna's', including the popular crab risotto. Keep the carbohydrates rolling and grab yourself a fettuccine sambuca, a La Ricetta staple.

Location: 143 Enmore Road, Enmore NSW 2042


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Glebe, you've done it again. Providing us with a trusty hub for Italian food in the Inner West. Ombretta describes itself as a culinary journey through Italy and its menu is reflective of exactly that. Taking into account the diverse flavours of over 20 regions, the food at Ombretta focuses on freshness and quality. Using only seasonal produce, the menu alters monthly to showcase the foods of different regions. With an intimate and warm ambience, we'd recommend taking a day trip to Italy without ever having to leave the Inner West.

Location: 355 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037


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With a focus on simple, traditional flavours, this Leichardt hub is a more(tti) authentic Italian experience. Opened 20 years ago, this casual authentic eatery is perfect for any event, from a nice family dinner to date night. Order one of the delicious Roman style pizzas that are a speciality of Moretti Ristorante. The Colloseo with caramelised fig, rocket and caprino cheese is simply delightful. The meat lover might be more inclined to indulge in the extensive range of cured meat toppings available. Go on, get a pizza the action!

Location: 99 Norton Street, Leichhardt NSW 2040


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LA DISFIDA (Haberfield)

This dimly lit Haberfield venue is famed for its thin crust, wood-fired pizzas. La Disfada's menu is based around seasonal produce and it gets its ingredients fresh daily, ensuring only the highest quality cuisine. Grab yourself polenta chips with gorganzola sauce to start, an amazing combination of crunchy and creamy which will delight your taste-buds. Follow that up with a 'quattro-gusti' pizza, translated literally to four tastes, the pizza is topped with pork sausages, hot salami, mushrooms and eggplant. The menu is packed with so many other wonderful offerings, so hab-er-field day with all this flavour! 

Location: 109 Ramsay Street, Haberfield NSW 2045


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7ETIMMO (Leichardt)

So good they named it... 7 times? This Leichardt eatery is a favourite amongst locals, offering good quality food at reasonable prices. The owners are well versed in how to make good food, this being their seventh restaurant venture, so get your famiglia together and head to Norton Street hub. For the traditionalists, there are a range of simple pizzas featured on the menu and for the more innovative foodies there are many gourmet or 'fancy' pizzas are available. 

Location: 165 Norton Street, Leichhardt NSW 2040

Where's your favourite place to indulge in Italy's finest culinary creations? Share it with you neighbours below.

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