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Toulouse's Travels: A Trans-Tasman Adventure

On Sunday 4 June, Nabo member Cathy D's beloved cat, Toulouse, escaped from his home in the Victorian suburb of Balaclava. Two days later and with Toulouse still missing, she sent out a post on Nabo asking her neighbours to check their garages and sheds. Unlike the French city with which he shares his name, Toulouse is a quiet animal by nature and Cathy feared he would not meow loudly enough for anyone to find him.

While Cathy did receive sympathetic messages and offers of assistance from the Nabo community over the next couple of weeks, there seemed to be no news of Toulouse or his whereabouts at all… that is, until the Police approached Cathy.

To the great surprise of everyone involved, Toulouse was located not in Balaclava, but on the other side of the Bass Strait in Tasmania! The travelling tomcat had been nabbed by a vagrant who then sailed his way to Tasmania, with poor Toulouse tucked away in his coat. Police approached the man after he felt unwell and chanced upon the feline. After checking his microchip, they discovered that Toulouse was indeed a long way from home.

Toulouse made his return journey in style, travelling across the Bass Strait in the Spirit of Tasmania. The following morning, he was picked up by a very relieved and happy owner. According to Cathy and her sister, Toulouse has settled back in nicely. “He would love to go out for his traditionally brief outside adventures but I’m keen to have a navigation device on him before that happens again!” exclaims Cathy. Considering Toulouse’s history, we tend to agree, Cathy!

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