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Women's Health Week

Heads up, ladies! Women's Health Week is returning for its fifth year, running from 4 to 8 September. For those unfamiliar with the name, Women's Health Week (WHW) is a five-day event organised by the Jean Hailes Health Organisation and encourages women across Australia to make their health a priority. It's a time to learn a bit more about your health and to also discuss issues that you don't usually get a chance to. With our busy lives, it can be all too easy to forget to look after ourselves, but please don't wait until it's too late! Get involved in Women's Health Week using our simple steps below so that you can be the healthiest 'you' today.


The first thing you should is sign up via the WHW website. Once you do this, you can participate in the online event (which is completely free) and gain access to articles, podcasts, recipes, videos and tools. You'll be able to watch motivating videos, get expert health advice and check out all the health events taking place across the country. Did we mention that you'll also go in the running to win a Gold Series Fitbit Blaze, valued at $369.95? 

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Another great way to celebrate Women's Health Week is by promoting the event to your family, friends and colleagues. To help you convince others to join, the Women's Health Week website provides promotional materials that are free to download. One of the most important aspects of the week is women being able to discuss their health, so why not get together and suggest positive health changes that you implement together?

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With all the new recipes to try online, cooking healthier meals has never been easier! Incorporate a new dish every day and get feedback from the family to determine which recipes you should keep and which ones you should just forget about. Try to have at least a few recipes that are easy and quick to make - you don't want to revert back to unhealthier meals after a long day at work.     

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If you're neglecting your exercise, you're neglecting your health. Something as simple as a morning walk in the morning can have a positive impact on your well-being all day. If you're one of those people who gets bored of exercise quickly, invite a couple of friends along to distract you from the task at hand. We promise you'll feel good about it afterwards!

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When it comes to health, mental well-being is often overlooked. Take some time to talk honestly with your friends and family during WHW. It's important that you have a safe environment in which everyone is supportive and understanding. Choose your words carefully to ensure you do not perpetuate the harmful stigma surrounding mental illness. 

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Check out the 'Events' page on the WHW website to get info on all the organised events happening near you. So far, there are launch events in Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart as well as numerous info sessions, workshops, festivals and get-togethers all over Australia.  

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If you'd rather partake in a more personal event, have a go at hosting your own event. Jean Hailes has made this a piece of cake by providing a guide that can be found on the WHW website, under the 'Host an event' tab. Using the examples outlined in the guide, decide what kind of event you'd like to host and then send out your invites! Make sure you've registered the event via the website and ordered your free gift bags for your guests, filled with WHW resources. You may even consider fundraising at your event - be sure to check the website info on fundraising for WHW.

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By donating to WHW, you'll be helping to ensure the future health of Australian women by supporting targeted research, clinical care and a range of educational programs and products. Head to https://jeanhailes.org.au/donate to make a financial contribution. 

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