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You've Got Mail...Or Do You?

Ever taken a day off work to wait for an important parcel and somehow still received a card in your letterbox or an SMS asking you to come to the local post office because they’ve missed you? Nabo users located in Coogee and surrounding suburbs know this struggle all too well and are simply fed up with delivery workers who can’t or won't take the time to ring the doorbell.

Member Bernadette M took to Nabo to see whether anyone one else in her area had also experienced this problem. The number and nature of the responses she received confirmed her suspicions. Not only had fellow Nabo members experienced the same thing as Bernadette, some had also complained to Australia Post with little success. Complaints to Australia Post were directed to the local offices in question and seemed to have no impact whatsoever.

Nabo users expressed sympathy for the local post offices, where the workers have to deal with additional customers coming in to pick up their ‘missed’ parcels. “The non-delivery means post office workers are then put under pressure,” observes Bernadette. Another member claimed that because delivery workers were paid so little for their time, there was little incentive for them to deliver the parcel to its recipient.

A postal locker proved to be a popular alternative solution amongst Nabo members, which can hold a parcel for up to 48 hours in a locker at the front of the post office and be accessed after-hours. But, although a great option for some, postal lockers are not available in every suburb.

As a government-owned corporation that receives funding from taxpayers, it’s a tad frustrating to think that Australia Post can no longer perform one of the most fundamental elements of postage services. If this story has inspired you to get involved further, why not get a group of your neighbours together on Nabo to campaign for better postage delivery? We’d love to hear from some Nabo members making a change in their community!

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