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Indoor Plants and You: A Love Story

Written by Bianca Busuttil & Annabel Thompson, published on 02 May 2017

Whether you’re living in an apartment, townhouse or standalone, potted plants are a fantastic addition to any home. Not only will they add to the aesthetic of your space, pot plants have also been proven to increase oxygen levels, reduce dust, keep the temperature down and improve your focus...

How to Fall in Love with your Neighbourhood (Again)

Written by Rosie O'Meley & Clare Aston, published on 19 April 2017

After living in the same place for a while you can start to lose the spark that you once held for your neighbourhood. The pretty streets, local waterholes, and eclectic shops that once drew you in, now can't get you out your front door. If this sounds like you - don't worry. Instead, check out...

Starting & Organising Your Group on Nabo

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 05 April 2017

Whether your group is already fully-fledged, or you're looking to recruit new members to your yoga get-togethers, Nabo is your one-stop shop for organising your group online. With the app available on both iOS and Android devices, you can keep up-to-date with your group on the go and interact with.

Know Your Neighbours' Noise Restrictions

Written by Noelle Martin, published on 05 April 2017

Neighbourhoods can be noisy from lawn mowers, barking dogs, home security alarms, parties to musical instruments and many more sources of noise. It is important to know of the noise restrictions in your neighbourhood for a peaceful time for all! While there are penalties for noise pollution, we...

8 Top Ways to Become More Self-Sufficient at Home

Written by Anna Blackie, published on 27 March 2017

As we become more aware of our environment and ecological footprint, there is no time like the present to begin living self-sufficiently. Don’t be fooled, you don’t need to live on a farm to become self-sufficient; there are plenty of little practices you can adopt in your everyday life that will...

Making Friends on Nabo

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 22 March 2017

At Nabo, we want to help our members make meaningful connections in their neighbourhoods. If it’s friendship you’re after, there are plenty of ways to meet new people and create lasting friendships. From verifying your address, to joining a book club, there are many different ways to form...

Tips for Keeping Pets Happy and Healthy Indoors

Written by Anna Blackie, published on 13 March 2017

Tips for Keeping Pets Happy and Healthy Indoors Australians love their four-legged friends, with more than 63% of Aussie households owning an animal. Pets provide companionship and health benefits to their owners and are great for kids. But now, almost a quarter of Australians live in medium to...

Nabo 101: Updating your Profile Picture

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 09 March 2017

At Nabo, there’s nothing we love more than seeing our members’ friendly faces. Your profile picture is the first impression you give to other members and humanises your online interactions. Camera phones mean it’s even easier to snap a profile picture, and if you’re using our app, you can...

Adding Value to your Community

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 08 March 2017

When you buy a new home, you’re not just buying into a house, but also into a community. Potential buyers want to know that their new neighbourhood will be one that they want to be a part of. This quality is valued in several important ways; the state of local businesses, neighbourly interaction...

Top Home DIYs That Will Help You Save Money

Written by Catherine Chipeta, published on 01 March 2017

If you’re eager to make a bit of bang from your buck, or just appreciate the simple rewards of DIY, then this is the list for you! You don’t need to be a handyman or creative genius to transform your home into a money-saving kingdom of crafty renovation! Here are some home DIYs that will reva...

Easy Arts and Crafts for Kids

Written by Steven Rezkalla, published on 01 March 2017

Whether it’s apparent or not, every child has a creative side. Encouraging this creativity helps them to tap into their imagination and is a necessary escape from the influences of TV and movies that many kids are inundated with in their daily lives. We’ve complied a few arts and crafts proje...

Create Your Own Event on Nabo

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 27 February 2017

Anyone can create an event on Nabo. Whether you’re an individual, a member of a local sporting team or hobby group, creating an event is a fantastic way to interact with your local community. No matter what type of event you create, you will be getting...

What Not to Say to New Neighbours

Written by Renee Dubé, published on 26 February 2017

Having new people move in to the neighbourhood can be a time to celebrate or have you running for the hills. For the most part people just want to go about their lives and if they happen to make nice with the people they live near, even better! To make sure that you get off on the right foot...

How to Be Neighbourly on Nabo

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 13 February 2017

Joining Nabo is a fantastic way to meet other members from your community, but at first you might not know where to start. There are many features that can help you become a better neighbour, from creating groups to sharing reviews of local businesses. We’ve put together a list of our

5 Ways to Spread the Love in Your Neighbourhood

Written by Hannah McManus & Catherine Chipeta, published on 13 February 2017

In todays modern world, its so easy to get caught up in the rat race of life that you simply forget to connect with the people around you. Giving back to your community can bea great way to get to know your neighbours. Plus, youll feel great knowing that youve made a positive impact

New Year’s Resolutions for your Neighbourhood

Written by Joumana Awad, published on 15 January 2017

There’s nothing like living in a tight-knit community. So this New Year, make it your resolution to create a stronger neighbourhood to last a lifetime. Here are 8 New Year’s resolutions for your neighbourhood to get behind!

6 Ways to Make Your Street Jolly this Christmas

Written by Emily Barlow, published on 18 December 2016

Christmas is all about fun, family and of course food! But it can be a stressful or isolating time for some. With a few simple ideas and gestures, it is easy to get your neighbourhood together and bring some joy to your street. From lights to decorations, parties and the invaluable act of giving,

6 Ways to Help Your Neighbours this Festive Season

Written by Catherine Chipeta & Leeza Schwarzkopf, published on 15 December 2016

Regardless of what holiday your household celebrates, the end of the year becomes an important time for neighbourly goodwill. For many the month of December is full of fun and frivolity but this can be a tough period for others, some experience heightened feelings of isolation and we tend to see a

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

Written by Renee Dubé, published on 01 December 2016

Garage sales are a great way to get rid of unwanted items from around your house and make some cash while you’re at it! But there are a few things you need to think of before you grab all your stuff and put it out on your lawn. We’ve got a couple of tips on how to make your garage sale a success!

Are you THAT cranky neighbour?

Written by Keziah Gutierrez, published on 17 November 2016

If you have done any of the things on this list, you may as well put up a ‘KEEP OUT’ sign in your front yard.

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