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St George District

The Best Italiano in St George

Written by Hanna Elsey, published on 30 June 2017

No need to buy a plane ticket to carb-load on authentic Italian cuisine! These local restaurants in St. George are cooking up traditional Italian cuisine right here in your backyard. Melting pizzas, homemade pastas and sweet desserts will have you looking forward to dinner all week long...

St George's Quirkiest Stores

Written by Lara Heaton, published on 23 June 2017

Are you someone with a penchant for vintage wares or beautiful pieces? Whether you're a trend setter or you're interested in high quality pieces, we've sourced a series of off-beat, small-scale homeware and clothing stores in the St George area. So save yourself a trip to the city and explore the...

Best Indian in St George

Written by Hanna Elsey, published on 18 June 2017

If the spice of capsicum and curry appeals to your senses, the following Indian inspired restaurants will take your fancy. These eateries boast friendly service, authentic vibes and mouth-watering dishes. Below is a list of our favourite Indian restaurants in St George.

Winter Activities in St George

Written by Lara Heaton & Ilhan Abdi, published on 02 June 2017

Resist the urge to stay in your warm bed, snuggled up with a cup of tea and your laptop this winter and get out and enjoy everything your city has to offer! You won't have to go very far as St George has a bunch of fun and nourishing activities to occupy your time and keep you warm.

Best Walking and Running Tracks in St George

Written by Clare Aston, published on 26 May 2017

Sometimes the best way to get fit and active is to start off slow and make it enjoyable. These walking tracks (which can easily turn into running tracks when you're more fit) are a great way to enjoy the picturesque nature of the area you live in. Follow the ones we've set out or simply make up your

The Best Tapas in St George

Written by Clare Aston, published on 17 May 2017

We are big fans of the infamous tapas culture. You grab your friends, you grab your wallet, and you dine on small plates of delicious share food and indulge in a drink or two. What more could you want? The 'tapas' concept is not just isolated to Spain...

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